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Name:Jeff Magee
Company:Western CPE
Title:EVP & Leadership Expert
Address:POC; Lloyd Thompson-Sales Manager....... P.O. Box 7226 Fort Myers, FL 33911
Country:United States of America
Phone No:406-585-3163
Cell No:918-851-0123
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Jeff Magee
Dr. Jeff Magee

Jeff Magee has been called one of leading “Leadership & Marketing Strategists” today … He started his first business at age 15, sold it before going to college and had penned more than 100 newspaper columns appearing in major daily newspapers before age 21. By age 24 he was recognized by American Home Products, a Fortune 500 company, as one of their top salesmen in the nation, while at the same time becoming the youngest certified Sales Instructor in the World for the Dale Carnegie Sales Course. After experiencing downsizing in 1987 he went on to work as a sales associate for the nations largest educational and youth advertising/marketing firm Target Marketing, and was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Chief Operating Officer within two years!


The London Business Gazette has hailed Jeff as “An American Business Guru” … His home town of Tulsa Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce Awarded him the Small Business Administrations Business Publisher of the Year Award in 2008-2009 and the State of Oklahoma did the same in 2009. The United States ARMY National GUARD and President Bush recognized him with the high honor of the “NATIONAL Guards Total Victory Team” medal, for his service to the Nation’s GUARD.
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